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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is placed on our website to tell you (website visitor) what data we collect from our visitors and what use we make of that data. www.luxe-chauffeur.com is just an informational website and we do not store (inside a database or similar tools / software) any type of personal information. Due to the nature of our business we will ask you for some personal details such as mobile number, email address, name and so on in case you wanna contact us and/or book any of our services. All of this information is mandatory for us to accept and manage bookings. We do not sell your data to any third parties. Only when necessary, we might share your data with third parties that are related to our transportation activity (business partners). We also will not add your email address to a mailing list because we don't have one. We only use the data to get back to you and secure your bookings with us.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you what we do with the information you give us. For further details please keep reading below. The internet user accessing the www.luxe-chauffeur.com does so anonymously and is not registered by us for any online service. The user remains anonymous throughout his search through all information on the Website, and at no point are his personal details registered for any online service. We do, however, use user identifiers (cookies) on our website to collect information on the website use, such as the server to which the user’s computer is connected to, the browser type (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer) and how the potential customer became aware of our company. We use such information solely to assist us in improving our marketing policies, and the personal details of the Internet user are not included in the data capture.

At www.luxe-chauffeur.com we collect some personal information such as the name, email address, or mobile number of the person making the booking and the people using our transportation services. By using our contact forms to get in touch with us and accepting our Privacy Policy you tacitly authorise us to use your personal information to carry out the requested service and to ensure accurate billing for the service (no-show included). The details that we collect are necessary for us to be able to perform our services as requested. For this reason we may need to contact you back regarding your transportation services and/or send your booking confirmation via SMS / EMAIL at any time. We may also need to request more information about your travel plans in order to ensure a smooth service, send you updates with instructions about where to meet your driver, inform you about any necessary changes (particularly in the event of modifications to the service you booked with us), or share helpful information with you during your trip. Your flight, train or ship number and accommodation address are also necessary details we need from you in order to be able to carry out your transportation service. We also need to know the exact address for your pickup and dropoff. In order to process and perform your booking we may share your information with the transport operators or other involved third party. We will provide only the necessary information to ensure the successful fulfilment of your transportation service. In response to a request for a quote (by email or mobile), we may ask you to provide several personal details.

We might keep a very simple record of your booking history in our email in order to provide you with better customer support. The personal details captured (by the contact forms) are sent to us by email (Gmail account) and we don't store them anywhere else. We might delete these emails in the future, for storage reasons or if you request us to do so. If you believe that the information held by us is in any way incorrect or incomplete, or you want us to delete your personal data (delete the emails you sent us), you should send a request by email to Luxe Chauffeur Portugal (luxe.chauffeur.portugal@gmail.com). We will comply with any request in accordance with current legislation (GDPR).

LAST UPDATE: July 2020.

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