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roger bota - luxe private chauffeur in algarve portugal
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Meet Roger Bota

Hi. I'm Roger! Your private Chauffeur & Concierge in Algarve, Portugal.

My name is Roger Bota - Portuguese by blood, I was born in the US, however, at the age of eight my parents have decided to move back to Portugal (Algarve) and this is where I’ve discovered the art of customer service.

After a long career in clients and management services at the Apolónia Supermarkets, as well as freelance transportation business in which my family is heavily involved, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream and continue my family’s 30 years legacy in the transportation industry.

This is when the agency Luxe Chauffeur & Concierge Services was born. The Transport & Concierge Service of the Algarve region. I am here to make your stay in Algarve memorable and easy.

I'm more than just a local driver. Book my services and you'll find out why.

Luxe Chauffeur Services (cash payments): Only Euros are accepted. Thank you!